is my Friend / Relative Marrying?!

Harry Colas lives with Florida under his feet but New Jersey in his heart. He is the Director of Ophthamology at Modernizing Medicine, which means he is fully responsible for putting your personal health data on the Internet. Harry most likely knows more about your eyeballs than you and your eye doctor combined. He also knows a lot about beer. And the Yankees.

Becky Nelson designs websites and makes videos, often while wearing her bunny slippers. When not on the clock, she plans both real and hypothetcal travel, searches for mysteries to solve, gets overly excited about public radio, and defends her title as the Emily Dickinson of Spotify playlists.

Watson is our tortoise. As several of you know from extended petsitting gigs, he enjoys blueberries and digging.

The Nelson / Colas household supports Arsenal and the U.S. National team.

Putting the Party in Wedding Party

They say it takes a village to throw a wedding (right?) Below are the friends and family whose talents, interests and good humor we're taking full advantage of. Bring your autograph book and collect all 18!

Parents of the Bride | Scott and Barbara Nelson

Parents of the Groom | Harry and Marilyn Colas

Siblings of Honor | Jill Bagshaw, Brian Nelson, Christine Todaro & David Colas

Flower Girls | Faith & Ella Bagshaw

Officiant | Ricky Federico*

Lector | Payton Bagshaw

DJs | Natalie Marquis & Gregg Kulick

Mixologists | Mike Marquis & Eddie Wright

* indicates member of the Actors Guild of America


Here are all the folks who will be making it out for the weekend!

Guest 1

Says: Hello!

Guest 2

Says: Hello!

Guest 3

Says: Hello!

Guest 4

Says: Hello!

Guest 5

Says: Hello!