The Weekend

The wedding itself is on Saturday, October 11, but we hope you will plan to spend the entire weekend with us in the White Mountains.

Friday | Ideally you'll be able to arrive in Phoenix on Friday and make the drive to Overgaard before dark, in time for the Welcome Gathering that evening. Join us any time after 7 pm for hearty appetizers, enough to call dinner, and adult beverages (as well as non-alcoholic choices). After enough adult beverages, we hope you'll take advantage of the open mic to sing a song, share a story, or wow us with your tight 5 minutes of stand-up comedy. Bring your A-game, as the Nelsons don't fool around with this stuff.

Saturday | is The Main Event!

Sunday | we will adjust to our newly minted married life by eating pancakes with our nearest and dearest. Please join us for brunch and, if you can stay, a Sunday night dinner and bonfire. There are plenty of fun things to do in and around Bison Ranch, or enjoy the day curled up with a good book (ask Becky's mom for suggestions!) Ideally, Monday (Columbus Day) will be your day to travel back down to Phoenix to catch your flight home.

Friday and Sunday's events will be held at the All Seasons Lodge, a 5-10 minute walk from all the accomodations on the Ranch. There is also a parking lot, for those who need to drive or choose to stay off the Ranch.

The Main Event

The wedding ceremony will begin around 3:30 in the afternoon, on the patio of Becky's parents' cabin. Dinner and dancing under the full moon will follow, along with lawn games, a photo booth, sparklers, and a friendly paper airplane-flying competition.

Dress code: Party Practical!* We want you to feel festive and pretty, but also comfortable walking and being outdoors. Sweaters and flats strongly encouraged (the bride will be wearing both.) Some of the ground at the wedding site is not paved nor pefectly level, and desert brush can be a little pokier than your Midwestern and Northeastern varieties.

There will be heaters and a tent for shelter from the elements and, should disaster strike in the form of forest fire, blizzard, lightning storm, or Godzilla attack, we can all huddle shoulder-to-shoulder in the cabin and have a good laugh about our luck.

*Unless your name is Vinnie, in which case it's Black Tie.

Choose Your Own Adventure

The rest of the weekend, enjoy Bison Ranch, take a horseback ride, shop at Bison Town, or fish in the catch-and-release pond. There's golf nearby, or drive to Woods Canyon Lake (25 miles) and take a hike along the Mogollon Rim. It's a breath-taking view from above the treetops, but watch out for the Mogollon Monster (someone take the bait and Google this—you can tell us the story at the Open Mic.) There are tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts on the Ranch and a children's playground. There are a couple of restaurants on Bison Ranch and several more that require a short drive into nearby Heber (2 miles). Also note that the accommodations on the Ranch include kitchens, so pick up a few groceries in Payson on your drive up. There's a Safeway on the right just after you turn onto the 260.